A family business since 1910; the focus at Hinkley’s Lighting is on long lasting relationships, quality products, and exceptional service. Hinkley’s Lighting offers experience and knowledge to engage homeowners and design professionals in the selection of outdoor and indoor custom and catalog lighting, fans, and accessories. The professionals at Hinkley’s know what questions to ask and solutions to problems the buyer would never see coming.

We will create a design from scratch, use elements inspired from another light fixture in your design or customize an off-the-shelf fixture for you to coordinate with your architecture and furnishings. Hinkley’s has many resources for finding antique lighting fixtures from castles, villas, old temples and estates throughout the world. They make these unique fixtures of the 18th and early 19th Centuries available to you refurbished or modified to fit your desired décor. Modern, contemporary to traditional and everything in between, Hinkley’s represents more than 400 major lighting manufacturers both domestically and internationally.

Hinkley's Lighting Factory

“I have been collaborating with Hinkley’s Lighting for nearly 40 years and I am always so inspired by their creativity and commitment to our clients and customers! Keep lighting us up Hinkley’s!”

– Candelaria Design

We believe it is important to instill ‘Team’ ‘Design’ with ‘Clients’, because design matters!

TEAM – we like to share our design ideas with each other, with our clients, and with all those we collaborate with on our projects.

DESIGN – design is important to us. It matters. The spirit of this is engrained within our approach to design.

CLIENTS – we value people, whether it is the teams we operate within, our collaboration with our clients, or the consideration of the inhabitants for whom we design.